During this unusual times, do you have the need to be at peace and in harmony with yourself?

Maybe you feel stuck or you've lost faith in yourself ? A Transformational Reading could help you to increase insight.

I offer a Reading - Coaching session in my private practice  or Online via Zoom or Skype

Transformational 'Psychic' Reading

During a Transformational 'Psychic' Reading, I will tune into your vibration and I will receive images and feelings about you. A lot of information is stored in the vibrational field. It can tell you more about your obstacles and can also help you make better decisions.

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Free Energy Healing

FREE Energy Healing Transmission that I broadcast on FaceBook Live. Especially, during these unusual times, an Energetic Healing can give you peace, hope and new insights. It will give you what you need at this time.

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Relationship Reading

A relationship can be very challenging for your personal growth.

How is it possible that you cannot be yourself in this relationship?

What patterns do you have together?

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Transformational Coaching

Transformational Intuitive Coaching is a follow-up session after a 'Personal Reading'. A session is to deepen your knowledge, to transform you, to re-discover your strengths and talents,   increase your happiness and to gain clear insights.

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Animal Communication

Telepathic or intuitive communication with animals is the exchange of information (energy) between humans and animals through thoughts, images and feelings.

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