Transformational Intuitive Coaching 

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Transformational Intuitive Coaching is a follow-up session after a 'Personal Reading'. A coaching session is to deepen your knowledge, to transform you, to re-discover your strengths and talentsincrease your happiness and to gain clear insights.   


I guide you in a unique way to find more balance in your personal development. You will learn gradually to have more inner confidence along with the ability to take actions that will improve your life.

After a few intuitive coaching sessions, you will experience more inner freedom, allowing you to make choices that really suits you and that you are comfortable with and then to go your own way.


I don't follow any original therapy protocols, because it only limits your process and significantly slow down your personal development. I offer the help that is needed. I see each person as special and unique and it's only natural that you will be treated in that way too.


am very familiar to connect with 'Multi-Dimensional' frequencies (quamtun level) and I can be in different dimensions at the same time. I've noticed over the years, that this can speed up the transformation process of the person in a considerably short period of time and also that the body, mind and spirit can handle it, compared to the traditional forms of therapy that we know until now.

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During a Coaching session, interesting things sometimes happen ...

Cold or heat can flow through your body, you can feel tingling in your hands or a  pleasant warmth around the heart area. Spontaneous release & crying that can free you from guilt & pain  or to declutter your mind and free up mental space.

I often get images or channel personal message from the Spirit World to bring through to the person. I feel the complaints/ blockages and it make the other person feel understood. In this way people feel reassured or they gain new insights. Sometimes a spontaneous healing may take place or relief of complaints, etc...


We may apply Breathwork as part of the coaching session, Trance-Healing, Past Life Therapy, Energy work and healing, Body-oriented coaching, Re-calibrating and  re-programmering your cells at Quantum level.


An integration process continue to align for days on your mind, body and spirit. I recommended that you wait at least 8-14 days before your next coaching session. 




For the last 15 years, I have helped individuals, couples, children and groups to optimize

and change their lives through personal Transformation and Growth.


I offer a Reading - Coaching session in my private practice  or Online via Zoom or Skype. 

An Online Reading - Coaching is just as accurate and powerful as a in-person reading! 

A good internet connection is required, aswell a headphone with a high-quality microphone.