Transformational 'Psychic' Reading

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During a Transformational 'Psychic' Reading, I will tune in to your vibration and I will receive images and feelings about you. A lot of information is stored in the vibrational field. It can tell you more about your obstacles and can also help you make better decisions.

During a Reading, sometimes spontaneous healing occurs , which encourages you to let go of your emotions. A reading / healing has a positive effect on your physical, emotional and mental well-being and change your life for the better.

Transformational 'Psychic' Reading  can help you:

  • If you lost faith in yourself and everything around you
  • If you have No direction in life. 
  • If you have any Spiritual or energetic blockages
  • To re-source yourself and to gain new insights for future opportunities.
  • When you are ready for change and growth, a reading can  help you bring out the best in YOURSELF
  • To reset what you do not need anymore
  • If you are highly sensitive, both for children and adults
  • To rebuild trust in YOURSELF  and to live a more conscious life
  • To work intensely together and to rediscover who you really are and talents
  • If you have panic attacks, trauma's, depression, fear, low self-esteem, burnout, etc.
  • You don’t feel at ease with yourself and you don't know why
  • Sometimes spontaneous healing can occur during a reading
  • Progress is noticeable after a few reading-coaching sessions


A Transformational 'Psychic' Reading - Healing is very personal and is done in all serenity and openness. If necessary, you can choose to receive further guidance. Read moreTransformational Coaching

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A relationship can be very challenging for your personal growth.

A relationship reading can provide space, new insights and clarity.

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For the last 15 years, I have helped individuals, couples, children and groups to optimize

and change their lives through personal Transformation and Growth.

How does a Transformational Reading work?

We will briefly go over your questions.

If you don't have any questions, you can also go with the 'flow' and wait and see what information will come for you, that's perfect too.

You will be reassured.

I clear my mind first and guide you with a very short meditation of 5 minutes. Hereby to calm your body and mind, to let my energy field to  synchronize with yours and to be able to give you a clear and accurate Reading.

The more relaxed you are, the more precisely I can 'tune in' to help you further.

I perceive energies and receive images. In the beginning, sometimes disjointed images (puzzle pieces), then other images will appear, to eventually be able to bring the puzzles together to gain deeper insights.

Depending on the images, I usually get to see the outer layer first (auric field). Then the following layers, to then be able to observe the even deeper layers, for example, what is really blocking you, etc...

I receive information through feeling (intuition), through sight (third eye), through sound (clairaudience), through my cells (cells also have a brain) and also through my whole body. For clarification: My body is hypersensitive to perceive vibrations and has the ability to translate energy into words.

Customers are often positively amazed at the  accuracy of information, that can come through. In this way, we can go straight to the essence, depending on your questions and in a shorter time, show you the way to the next phase in your life.

It can pleasantly surprise you and be a relief, therefore you can get answers fairly rapidly during your reading.

Who am I?

My name is Rachel Yung

I have always been passionate about raising awareness that leads to well-being for myself and others. From childhood, I have always known that there was more than what we are aware of today . 20 years ago I started to do my own research to find  the true Essence of who I am, regardless of my age, appearance or background.

Over the years, my psychic and intuitive abilities has been re-activated and well developed. I am highly sensitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizance. Tho, I don't see it that way for myself, I have been called a Spiritual Guide, Psychic healer, Channeler, Medium because I have a natural ability to perceive, feel and read invisible energies. Read more about me


What can you sense during a Reading?

Often it happens during a Reading session that you can sense energy transmission working through your system. You may feel cold or heat energy flow in your body. You may feel tingling in your hands and feet or you can experience a pleasant warmth around the heart area, etc...
It can happen that a spontaneous healing occur during a reading, for example: a person comes into my practice and has at the time back problems, sometimes it can disappear spontaneously and may even be, that it never comes back. It is different for everyone.

Clients often feel 'enlightened' and more relaxed after a Reading-Coaching session. The energy and enlightened feeling continues to work days after the session. There is a possibility that you will notice that you will spontaneously gain new insights, more inspiration comes out of nowhere, In short, you gain back hope and have the strength to walk through life.


What if you are afraid and do not dare to see the truth?

You do NOT have to be afraid of what may come up. I only get to see what you can handle and what you are ready for. You will be able to step boldly forward and to let go of your past, to improve and dare to BE YOURSELF again.

If you have suffered a trauma consciously or unconsciously, during a reading or coaching you will not relive unpleasant situations, as is often the case with traditional psychologists, partly because they follow a protocol.

I'll show you the situation from a different perspective, in other words as an observer.  You are more likely to look at it from a neutral point of view and you will only become the observer, but you won't feel it. Because of my well-developed senses, I help you to view your situation from above, you learn to understand why certain experiences happened to you.

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I offer a Reading - Coaching session in my private practice or Online via Zoom or Skype. 

An Online Reading - Coaching is just as accurate and powerful as a in-person reading! 

A good internet connection is required, aswell a headphone with a high-quality microphone.