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Rachel Yung - Channeler - medium - helderziende


My name is Rachel Yung

I have always been passionate about raising awareness that leads to well-being for myself and others. From childhood, I have always known that there was more than what we are aware of today .

20 years ago I started to do my own research to find  the true Essence of who I am, regardless of my age, appearance or background.

Over the years, my psychic and intuitive abilities has been re-activated and well developed

I've learned to re-activate and to develope my psychic and intuitive abilities. I am highly sensitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizance. I don't see it that way for myself, but I have been called a Spiritual Guide, Psychic healer, Channeler, Medium because I have a natural ability to perceive, feel and read invisible energies.

In the early phase, I occasionally attended some workshops about personal development, self-awareness and knowledge with the aim of enhancing quality of life. Unfortunately, for my persona, I found it was not always satisfying. I often noticed that I was not learning much and realize that I was ahead in many ways comparing to others.  After a few tries, I gave up and through self-discipline, I realized that I am my own teacher. I have learned to listen to my own feelings and emotions. Our world consists of energy particles, which are usually invisible to the naked eye for most of people. I discovered just the opposite. Pretty soon, I was able to use my inner senses and with my eyes open or closed, I could read, perceive and feel the invisible energies.  I didn't have to go into meditation for this.

I started to accept that perceiving invisible energies is very normal to me and that it has become an extension of myself. I was guided that I had to do something with my "talentand to help  others  to re-discover and to re-connect  with themselves.

Until today, I still find it fascinating to explore on my own, to further my learning, developing new skills and to expand my knowledge and awareness...

I share with you a few unusual true stories about my personal development  process

zwemmen met Walvissen en dolfijnen

My deep life changing experiences during an encounter with Whales and Dolphins

A few years ago, I had a wonderful opportunity to swim in the Open Sea with Dolphins and Whales (humpback whales) and also to pet and kiss the Gray Whales.

These experiences were so special and impressive that it enriched my life and opened up new perspectives and talents.  (Watch video)

Swimming with  Dolphins and the largest animals on Earth "the Whales" made me feel as if I was One with the ocean.

We have known for some time that they are intelligent Beings and that they have healing and therapeutic properties. They carry high frequencies and high vibrations, that positively influences us. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience it that way with them.

Several times in the open sea, I have come face to face with dolphins and whales. They looked right through me and made deep eye contact that touched me intensely. In sync with their specific vibration frequency I felt my body cells vibrate for minutes.

I have to admit, the symptoms of this transformation process I experienced, it sometimes was quite intense and at the same time very wondrous and magical.

Since then my awareness has expanded and my system has been "upgraded". I have also become more sensitive to absorbing invisible energies.

Clients sometimes experience during a Reading/Coaching session, that the Whale vibrational frequency spontaneously emerges strongly and that their energy is very tangible. Customer experiences this as pleasant and powerful.

To evolve even further

Darkroom retraite

My intense experience with the DARKNESS

A few years after my wonderful encounter with these magical sea mammals, I had found the strength to trust my intuition  for 200%.

During a self-meditation, I got insight to isolate myself in complete darkness and in solitude for 7 days, without really knowing what was going to happen next (Christ did this for 40 days). During this time it felt like I was returning to the womb. It was a very intense process that allowed me to enter another world, where time and space no longer existed. I was alone with myself and my awareness.

I got clear insights about conditioning, patterns, reactions, emotions, etc... I realised that I experienced a deep transformation process.

After a few days in the darkness, something happened to my 'system', an unlikely but true storyI saw and felt an intense lightning strike from my brain to behind my left eyeball. Even in the dark I was blinded by this. Then I felt intense pain literally on my physical eyes and at the same time my whole body was uncontrollable shaking and shivering. It felt like my mind and body went through a 'full reset'. It took me several hours to recover from this "unique" experience. Since then my channels beyond my "6th senses" has been activated.

I became familiar to connect with Multi-Dimensional frequencies (quamtun level) and I can be in different dimensions at the same time.

I discovered that I could perceive invisible energies even better, seeing, feeling and sometimes even become it (shape shifting). I also have the ability to translate energy into intelligible human language.

Because of this, I have been able to offer many people successfully clear insights through a Reading-Coaching.

They can easily develop further in a very short term, where they are stuck, to re-discover their true self, to live a happier life, to be guided on the right path, helping to delete that does not serve anymore, etc...

This is a small summary to give you an insight how I got this far


Examples of the invisible energies that we usually cannot perceive with our naked eye

The photos below has NOT been Photoshopped,  all objects, myself and my actions are real. Pictures are taken with a simple mobile phone

Few minutes before this photo was taken, I was in contact with Highly Transcendent Beings. A 'Sacred Trinity' triangle is formed around the area of ​​my third eye. It shows clearly that I am connected with 'MultiDimensional' realities.

 (Park Den Brandt Antwerp ~ july 2020)


Together with many Light Orbs in St. Nectans Glen, Cornwall (UK) 2016

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Life Changing Workshops and Retreats

2020: The Universe (via Inter-Multi Dimensional Light Beings)

2019: Breathwork & Spiritual Coach Certified Trainer - Scotland (Peggy Dylan)

2019: Dark Room Retreat (Bhakti) 

2018: Shamanism : Basic Training - Soul Retrievel - Medicine wheel of the Inca's

2017: Firewalk

2017: Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat 

2016: Humpback Whales Retreat - Silverbank

2016: Gray Whales Retreat - San Ignacio Lagoon (Whaleman Foundation)

2016: Time Travel + Holographic Multiverse with Dolphins - Hawaï (Joan Ocean)

2013: Animal Communication - Londen (Anna Breytenbach)

2011: Psychic Reading - Remote Viewing  (Debra Lynne Katz)

2010: Life Coaching

2008: Awakening the illuminated heart (Drunvalo Melchizedek)

2007: Matrix Energetics I + II - Seattle  (Dr. Richard Bartlett)

2006: Reconnective Healing I + II (Dr. Eric Pearl)


QUOTE: "Each individual experiences life in two worlds. There is the outer world and there is the inner world. One is the realm of the effect while the other is the realm of the cause.

When we surrender to the sensory impressions of the outer world, then life is in the realm of effect, and we continually find ourselves in situations and predicaments that feel beyond our control.

However, if we live from the inside out, we then can live as masters. The interior, inner world, is the essence and the cause of the outer.

It's not as if our lives are divided simply into light and dark there's shadowy middle ground recognizing and understanding the shadows, is what a healthy intelligence does....."